Sale! Maxsealer 250gr - Gas tank sealer repair Kit 250cc for gas tank from 8 to 17 lts View larger

Maxsealer 250gr - Gas tank sealer repair Kit 250cc for gas tank from 8 to 17 lts


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Each kit consists of:

  • A pair of latex gloves suitable for the handling of the products
  • Spatula for products application
  • Complete instructions in Portuguese, Spanish and English
  • Primary
  • Rust remover
  • Sealer

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45€ per Kit

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Deposits Treatment Kit

An indispensable tool for a professional restoration.

  • Removes and prevents the reappearance of rust;
  • Permanently protects the inside of your fuel tank;
  • Prevents clogging of gasoline taps and carburetors.

Practical kit, ideal for you to even treat the fuel tank of your motorcycle and protect against future reappearance of rust.

Application instructions

  1. Seal all the holes in the tank minus 1 (filling nozzle). 
    Tip - Use round rubber plugs to plug threaded holes so that the sealant does not seep into the threads. 
    Wax the paint from the tank, making it easier to remove any dents of sealant that may fall on the paint. 
    To protect the paint, wrap the tank with transparent kitchen film, then with aluminum foil and again with the transparent film.

  2. Pour the IMMEDIATE MAXSEALER® to the tank, nozzle plugging and rotating the tank several times so that the liquid reaches the entire interior of the tank, the nozzle cover with a transparent film and a resilient kitchen, residence time 15 minutes. 
    Tip - Join padlock / chain to help remove excess debris and rust, the primer will be most effective if it is heated to about 50 degrees.

  3. Discard IMMEDIATE MAXSEALER® and rinse well with water.

  4. Pour the MAXSEALER® SPRAY REMOVER into the tank, cover the nozzle and turn the tank several times so that the liquid reaches the entire interior of the tank. Time of action 15 / 25min, and in more difficult cases have to leave to act for a longer time until the complete removal of the rust. 
    Tip - Join padlock / chain to help remove rust excess, rust remover will be more effective if you heat it about 50graus.

  5. Discard MAXSEALER® RUST REMOVER and rinse thoroughly with warm or hot water, followed by acetone and cellulose diluent in equal parts.

  6. Discard and dry with a hair dryer or hot air gun. 

    Tip - Before mixing, sealant parts are too thick or with crystals due to low temperatures, warm the containers in a water bath in a time between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius 
    Important - Never heat with direct heat sources ( Eg hot air gun, blowtorch, etc.)

  7. Mix Part B in Part A  MAXSEALER® stirring very well for 2 minutes (Use Immediately)

  8. Pour the pre-mixed sealant (see instructions point 7) through the nozzle trying to cover the central column as much as you can (it may help with a long brush). Rotating the tank slowly, gradually letting in a few seconds to allow the sealant to drain and repeat until it covers the entire internal area of ​​the tank. 
    If you notice that there is too much sealant even after the entire surface is covered discard the excess sealant.

  9. Allow to heal, and you can use the tank after 24 hours. 

    Important Note - Because it is a process that involves handling and shaking the tanks and whenever it is applied, it is advisable to apply the MAXSEALER® after repairing the tank and before paint, to prevent any damage and sealant residues in the paint.