About Us

MAXSEALER is a company dedicated to the manufacture of high quality products, brand representation and providing added value services.

MAXSEALER arises with the need to supply the lack of superior quality products to support of motorcycles and automobiles high end restoration and repair.

MAXSEALER is located in Rio Tinto within Porto district.

We sell a complete and practical kit to repair and restore motorcycle and autos gas tanks, using the highest quality components tested thoroughly for the best performance.
We also provide a wide variety of auxiliary materials, carefully selected to support the restoration and repair of motorcycles and automobiles..

Our mission is to offer products with the highest quality at the best price, in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.



Rua Dr.Ilidio Sardoeira, 82-5º DLF
4400-622 Vila Nova de Gaia

Rua das Perlinhas , 467-Armazem L
4435-393 Rio Tinto

Client support

E-MAIL: maxsealer@maxsealer.pt
Technical support: (+351) 911 127 858
Orders: (+351) 968 903 238

Office hours
Monday to Friday 09:00h / 17:00h